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Online classes are different from most of the schooling you’ve done while growing up. You can do all of your coursework from the comfort of your Orem student housing. The independence and flexibility that online classes offer is perfect for some people and a struggle for others. Here are a few tips to help you master your next online class!

  • Schedule specific days/times when you will do your classwork. If you don’t make time for your online classes, you likely will never find the time to work on them. Having a routine and calm space to do your work will help you to stay on track. Whether it’s at 10 am every day in your UVU housing or at 7 pm in the library, find a time and place that works for you.
  • Keep a calendar of due dates. If you don’t have a teacher there to remind you daily, it’s easy to forget that an assignment is due. You also want to make sure you are prepared for test days and schedule enough time to finish your tests. If you have an online test due by midnight, you need to be back home in your UVU housing by 10 pm so you can finish in time.
  • Take breaks frequently. It can be difficult to focus and get work done when staring at a computer screen for hours. Every now and then, take 5 or 10 minutes to go outside, eat a snack, or just do something to refresh yourself. Getting out of your apartment near UVU for even just a few minutes will give you the refresher you need to focus on your work.
  • Get blue light glasses. Spending too much time looking at screens can mess with your circadian rhythm or cause headaches. Wearing blue light glasses while you do your online class work blocks blue light, preventing headaches and helping you sleep at night.
  • Take physical notes. While the class is all virtual, you are still physically here and need to learn the material. Writing notes by hand helps you retain information more than if you just gaze over the words on the screen.

Good luck with your classes this upcoming semester! Whether you are doing online classes from the comfort of your Orem student housing, or going the short distance to UVU campus, you’ve got this!


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