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Career Development Center

In order to afford school and living in Orem off-campus housing, you usually need a job. The Career development center can help you find a job, but also help you in your career path to the job you ultimately desire.

Student Health Services

-Basic visit: $10

-Mental health therapy: first visit free, subsequent visits $10

-Financial waivers are available

Student Health Services are super important. Whether you or a roommate in your apartment near UVU are sick or struggling with mental health, there is help available. Private health practices can be very expensive, especially without insurance. When in doubt, Student Health Services is available to make sure you’re taken care of.

Food Pantry

Food insecurity is surprisingly common among college students, and UVU wants to combat that. If the pantry in your apartment near UVU is empty, or if you just can’t afford to buy or bring lunch between classes, the Food Pantry is available no questions asked.


Learning strategies support

Language lab

Math lab

Writing Center

Something all students find themselves in need of at one time or another is tutoring. When you struggle with studying in general, writing essays, or just need someone to help you check your homework, the tutoring services are a great place to go. Of course you can always ask your roommate in your Orem student housing, but the tutors UVU provides are experts at what you need to know.

Child care

Leaving a child alone in your student apartment in Orem is a big no-no. Child care can be expensive, especially as a student. Get discounted child care through UVU’s Wee Care program.

If you’re looking for housing close to campus, The Green on Campus Drive is just what you need! Being located right on campus drive, you can enjoy off-campus housing while still having the convenience of living close by. Apply today before spots run out!


The Green on Campus Drive is located just across the street from UVU! Check out our blogs for tips on student living in Orem, UVU resources, and more!

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